David Reed

I’ve written seven books on the topic of real estate finance.  I have appeared on CNBC, CNN and Today in New York.  My advice has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Kiplinger’s, and literally thousands of newspapers and magazines throughout the country.  All geared towards helping the consumer make solid decisions when it comes to home loans.

This site however is dedicated 100% to the Realtor instead of the consumer.  These articles are designed to help you, the listing or buying agent, close more deals and bulletproof your transactions.  Sure, there are other columnists and financial pundits who have tackled the mortgage market, but as a practicing mortgage banker in Austin, Texas with 20 years of mortgage experience, I walk the talk.  And I know lending guidelines inside and out.

If I am able to save just one transaction for you then I have done my job.

Questions?  Think your client is getting screwed?  Want some advice from an industry pro that will give you the unvarnished truth without trying to promote a loan program or special mortgage product?  Send me an email and I’ll answer it.   Maybe even be famous and I’ll post it!

David Reed

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